Forever Twilight Part 2

Using his trusty Sonic Screwdriver the Inspector created a painful blast that frightened the Seeker away, long enough for Vickis to establish that the Carrier engines had failed and could not be repaired in the time they had. The cargo bay had also been locked down when the breach occurred.

Now they knew what they had been dealing with the Inspector wanted to create a sonic weapon using equipment in the room that would kill all the monsters on board. This smacked of being unbalanced and would ruin the scenario.

Fortunately the Inspector lacked the Boffin trait and so was unable to jury rig any equipment. None the less, despite Nal insisting they hurry up, he spent time removing the radio, planning to use it as weapon later and brainstorming various ways they could get the carrier moving (including using the small buggy to tow the huge vehicle), all which were dismissed as impossible by Vickis.

It was here that the time issue was again addressed with the NPCs suggesting that they split up to explore the Carrier. The Inspector was insistent that they stay together, engaging in a shouting match with Nal about how much time they had.

Next they headed to the armoury, deciding that they needed to have weapons. Here they met grizzled miner Hagron who had survived a trip to the nightside before. Although pessimistic about their chances he agreed to travel with them.

Still believing that the carrier could be repaired the Inspector had them travel to the engine room. Here they found a small girl, Lucis, being pursued by two Seekers on the catwalks above the engine.

This allowed for a neat fight scene with the Inspector rushing to save the girl and Phillipa taking pot shots at them with the rifle obtained from the armoury. In the course of events Hagron sacrificed himself, wrestling with one of the Seekers as they fell off the catwalk into the engine cogs.

With Lucis rescued I borrowed some elements of Aliens, revealing that she’d been hiding in the air ventilation systems since the monsters killed her parents and that her mother had always told her that the monsters mostly came at night, mostly.

Dee wanted to search the living quarters but the Inspector overruled her, deciding they should go to the cargo room. On the way they encounter a monster, using the final charge in the sonic screw driver to stun it.

Even though the creature was immobile and unable to defend itself the Inspector and Phillipa beat it to a bloody pulp, much to the horror of the others. I pointed out that such displays of violence wasn’t in keeping with the spirit of the show but since it was a monster I didn’t deduct any story points. Instead the death cries of the Seeker alerted the other monsters to their presence.

They rushed down another deck to the cargo room, finding a pile of bloody bodies pressed up against the cargo room, Dee’s brother among them. Safe inside the cargo room was portly quarter master Palon. He’d locked the doors to protect the food and himself.

Furious Dee wanted to kill Palon but Inspector urged her not to give into her anger. They persuaded Palon to open the doors and decided to load up Carrier 5’s scout buggy while the Inspector went back up to get Carrier 3’s buggy, hoping that they could double the room they had to carry the food supplies back.

With the two player characters splitting up I presented each of them with an important scene. The Inspector found his path to the outside blocked by a horde of Seekers, investigating the death of their brethren while in the cargo hold Nal pulled a pistol on Palon, not wanting to take the fat man back when the space could be used for food supplies.

The Inspector attempted to use his portable energy supply to electrocute the monsters only to give himself a shock, falling down the ladder to the floor below. He could only lie twitching while the monsters above recovered.

Dee took the gun from Nal, saying that if anyone was going to kill Palon it would be her. Phillipa pleaded with her not to dishonour her brother’s memory by becoming a killer. Dee threw the gun away, saying she never planned to kill Palon, she just wanted to get the weapon away from Nal. She’d make sure that Palon would stand trial for what he had done.

Hearing the Inspector moaning Phillipa found him and helped him to his feet as the Seekers climbed down into the lower deck. They rushed back to find everyone was already on board the buggy.

The small vehicle rushed out, with the Seekers chasing after them. It had now become so cold there was a layer of snow across the landscape. Nearby they saw a huge herd of creatures that were a mix of elephants and rhinos, which I called Brutes. A few Seekers wandered into their path and were promptly eaten.

The time travellers urged Dee to drive among the Brutes, keeping the Seekers away from them. Due to a big bump Dee banged her head, forcing Phillipa to take over the controls while the Inspector and Vickis tried to get more power out of the engines.

It was a neat hair raising ride that saw them just making it out alive after many story points were spent. Driving away from the night zone Carrier 3 was a welcome sight. They were given a heroes welcome and given medals to represent they were now honoured citizens of the carrier.

Palon was arrested, Dee decided to adopt Lucis now she had no family left of her own, Nal had gained lots of scientific knowledge about what lived in the night zone and the Inspector drew up some blue prints for Vickis that he hoped would help make life easier for the carriers.

In an amusing moment they finally asked the natives what purpose the extra breathing holes in their necks served. Their new friends reacted in disgust to learn that the time travellers didn’t have the same holes.

They departed wondering if they might return to this world once again.

The adventure followed the expected plot but there were problem areas. It had hinged on that there wasn’t a lot of time but the players hadn’t changed their play style to accommodate this, choosing to stay in a slow moving group and thus missing several other survivors that were on the carrier.

The TARDIS had once again been used not just as a means to get them to the adventure but as a treasure trove of items. They’d let a man be killed without making any attempt to save him and brutally killed an opponent when they could have simply moved on while it was stunned.

Still the multiple NPCs had proved successful, adding subplots that led to interesting moments and allowing me to voice a number of different points of views to prompt the player characters. This was helped by given each character a distinctive way of speaking so they could easily tell who was saying what.

In future I will be stricter about the equipment that they can obtain from the TARDIS. If it could change the outcome of the adventure then it will require story points to purchase, in much the same way that gadgets are purchased.

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