“Do not touch me!”

Skaro Daleksst--1b40

Awareness: 3 Coordination: 2 Ingenuity: 3 Presence: 4 Resolve: 3 Strength: 4

Traits: Armour [Major Trait] – Made from Dalekanium the shell reduces damage by 10

Fear Factor [2] – More primitive and limited than later models these Daleks gain +4 to rolls when they are trying to scare people.

Natural Weapon – Exterminator (S/L/L) It’s lowest setting, instead of stunning, paralyses a person from the waist down. This passes after 30 minutes.

Specialisation [Special Good Trait]: Dalek’s can be modified and fitted with tools that can help complete a specific task. Modifications can be made for surgery, construction and engineering. These tools can be used as makeshift melee weapons [2/5/7]

Special Bad Trait – Dependent on Static Electricity: The Dalek requires a constant electric charge beneath them or they will shut down as their remaining power is diverted to maintain their life support systems. Overturning or placing a non-conductive surface beneath them will shut them down.

Special Bad Trait- Radiation Dependant: Long exposure to high radiation levels on Skaro have made the Dalek dependent on this energy. Without it their genetic core breaks down. Anti-radiation medicine is lethal to them as it prevents their cells from absorbing the required levels of radiation.

Special Bad Trait – Xenophobia: Being isolated for a long time within their city the Daleks fear outsiders. They despise anything that isn’t one of them and find the idea of being handled by other species sickening. They suffer a -2 to all Resolve checks when being touched by anything that isn’t a Dalek.

Skill: Convince 2, Fighting 2, Marksman 3, Medicine 1, Science 3, Technology 4, Survival 4 Story Points: 2-5

These Daleks are quite different from the later world conquerors. These models are trapped in their city, believing they can’t go to the surface due to the radiation levels. They have limited resources, almost afraid of the Thals and jealous of their freedom to move across the surface of the planet.

There is a greater sense that these Daleks are individuals with much less chanting of ‘I obey’ and ‘exterminate.’ They give orders but have a good understanding of how to manipulate people, whether it is by lying or providing gifts in order to make prisoners feel safe.

st--1b38They even have a council and a way to magnetise the floor to stop a Dalek in his tracks. All of this suggests that there is a society with individuals who disagree and occasionally go rogue and need to be stopped.

The Thals describe the original Dalek people as teachers and philosophers. This certainly doesn’t seem to reflect what we’ll see in ‘Genesis of the Daleks’ but it might be that the inhabitants of this specific city were intellectuals.

Over hundreds of years did they develop a new culture and way of thinking to deal with the pressures of being confined beneath the surface of their city, encased in their machine? Is their ruthlessness an indication of a new philosophy that shuns mercy and pity for practicality and survival? 

These Daleks are far less blood thirsty than later models. Although one Dalek suggests exterminating the prisoners he is overruled, the other Dalek believing that they might have some further use.

Most player characters will know what a Dalek looks and sounds like but don’t forget their other senses. These Daleks have an acrid smell, similar to that of a bumper car. Describing this odour can immerse the players in the scene and also act as clue to when a Dalek is nearby. 

Other Dalek cities may exist across Skaro with Daleks with slightly different philosophies. There could be a Dalek city with another  neutron bomb, willing to set it off if they discover the Thals are still alive or there could be a peaceful group who are in danger being wiped out if the other Daleks learn of their existence.

One of the major differences to using these Daleks than those encountered in other eras is that as well as being frightening there is also something pitiful about these city bound models.

They live a sad existence, trapped in a city within a shell.

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